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Father honors oath, turns son in for allegedly breaking into 250 cars

HOUSTON, Texas --- A father here made the choice to turn in his 18-year-old son after seeing an allegedly stolen gun during their facetime call.

T. Daniels said during the call his son, Christian Daniels, showed him a bag containing several guns, including a 9 mm handgun.

"He pulled paperwork out of the bag, and I said, 'What does that paperwork say?' And he put the camera closer to the paperwork and it said Houston Police Department. So, that really kind of ticked me off for him to even have a gun, and then you're going to steal one from a police officer, at that," said T. Daniels.

Court documents stated Christian Daniels told his father about breaking into a car and stealing the bag full of police equipment. He also confessed to his father about breaking into 250 cars in the last week. The break-ins were primarily committed in mall parking lots, jogging locations and places where people left their cars.

T. Daniels is a veteran and said because he took an oath to serve and protect his family, it was his duty to report the crimes his son committed to the Austin Police Department.

Christian Daniels was arrested on April 17 and charged with theft of a firearm and unlawful carrying of a weapon.