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Minnesota move over law expands to more roads

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A new addition to a Minnesota law will have you driving more carefully, in more places, and at slower speeds.

What originally included only four-lane Minnesota highways, the 'Move Over Law' now includes 2-lane roads.

Say you're in an emergency vehicle, lights on, pulled over. You as a driver need to lower your speed, and move at least one lane over, in some cases the opposite lane if you're able. This new law is all in the name of safety.

The original law was put in place in honor of fallen State Trooper Ted Foss, who as hit and killed during a traffic stop on the interstate by a passing semi truck back in 2000. It aims to protect those working on the roads.

"It makes us a little bit safer out on the roadways, on the two lane road ways especially, which is what we operate and work on mostly," said Lt. Mark Empting, at the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

Now it's not just for law enforcement, it's also for utility workers and tow truck operators.

Failing to obey it, could land you with a hefty fine, a traffic citation that can run up to $135.

"If you get four moving violations within 12 months, your driving privileges would be suspended," said Empting.

Some drivers say putting this in place is necessary.

"If they're worried about all these other cars, it might slow them down, it might cause more accidents, more injuries," Moorhead resident, Avery Thaler said "So I think that's a good rule."

And, that it's just good road etiquette.

"I think it's great, I think it's common sense," said Marisa Myhre, from Moorhead.

The expansion to the law went into effect August 1, 2018, it includes all roads in Minnesota.