WEST FARGO — School starts Tuesday, Aug. 27, for most in West Fargo, and with the summer construction projects still going on, drivers need to plan ahead.

People in charge of the projects say there are ways to avoid the headaches that come with Sheyenne Street traffic. They say 32nd and 40th Avenues are recommended for travelers going east to west, which many have been using this summer.

The director of public works said with school starting, there's going to be even more traffic now, so drivers need to be extra careful on the roads.

"Plan a little extra time ahead, don't speed, stay attentive to the road and everything that's going around, the construction vehicles and kids out walking and biking and the contractors themselves; you know just be aware and pay attention," said West Fargo Public Works Director Chris Brungardt.

The construction should be done by mid-October.