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West Fargo crews lend a hand to homeowners dealing with drifts

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WEST FARGO, N.D. -- West Fargo Public Works is working overtime to clear the six inches of heavy, wet snow that filled our streets, sidewalks, and driveways.

Now that that's nearly done, they're doing extra cleanup by clearing the drifts that get piled up in driveways.

"We needed the moisture," says West Fargo resident Milo Walther. "It's a lot of snow and a lot of moisture, but it's fine, we can handle that now."

The City of West Fargo is offering to clean the mess the snowstorm, and the plows, left behind.

Crews got 50 calls from people asking them to clear drifts.

The drifts, some several feet high, can be a hassle for the disabled, elderly, or anyone who can't otherwise clear it themselves.

"We've never offered this service before," says Public Works Director, Chris Brungardt. "We don't get a lot of snows like this. We were leaving three, four-foot ridges in front of driveways, and I think everyone that has a home knows what that's like."

A minor annoyance to some, but others, like Walther, simply can't do it themselves.

"Well, I'd have to hire somebody," says Walther. "My son said he'd have to get somebody to come and do it if nothing else."

A day's work for two men, but a large act of kindness for others.

"Happy with everything, yes." says Walther. "We're pleased."

Officials with Public Works say this is likely a one-time deal, though they understand it will often be an issue.

"When we have a heavy storm like this, we recognize it's a problem," says Brungardt. "But most people can clear those driveways out themselves. We just want to look out for those people that need help in our community."

Cleanup after storms like Monday's aren't just a one-day task.

Crews are expected to be out until the end of the week working on roads and sewers in the metro.