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After 61 years, Fargo remember the deadly tornado of 1957

This photo by Chet Gebert shows the 1957 tornado as it dropped from the sky. Forum file photo.1 / 5
One of the Six: With the body of 5-year-old Jeanette Irene Munson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Munson, tenderly cradled in his arms, Richard Shaw, 21, stumbled through wreckage of the tornado as he was photographed by Fargo Forum Photographer Cal Olson. Jeanette was one of six Munson children killed by the twister. Shaw, 902 26th St. N., was a neighbor of the Munson family. Photo by Cal Olson / The Forum2 / 5
The Golden Ridge area of Fargo on June 21, 1957, following a devastating tornado. Forum photographer Ed Dams took this picture looking west from 25th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenue North.3 / 5
Fargo's 1957 tornado. Chet Gebert / The Forum4 / 5
Aerial photograph showing north Fargo neighborhoods damaged by the 1957 tornado. Photo by Cal Olson / The Forum5 / 5

It's been 61 years since a tornado obliterated a northside neighborhood, more than 1,300 homes were damaged. There were 12 deaths and more than 100 people were injured. It is the worst tornado disaster in the history of North Dakota. The tornado was highly visible and had slow forward speed. Due to the visibility, the tornado was well-photographed, which was an important part of tornado research.