JAMESTOWN, N.D. — The James River crested at 12 feet earlier today in Jamestown, and the community can breathe a sigh of relief ... for now.

Volunteers in Jamestown raced against the clock on Saturday, Oct. 19, as people from all over the state started sandbagging bright and early. Noah Cliften came with a group from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Fargo, after they heard Jamestown's cry for help.

"We got a call from the missionaries here in Jamestown, said that the community needed help, so we came right out," Cliften said.

The city said the community placed more than 45,000 sandbags in 48 hours, reaching its goal. About 20,000 more bags are in storage.

"Been at it for two days, and it's exhausting," volunteer Jessica Pfau said. "Our arms hurt, and we've used muscles we didn't know we had." Pfau had her house protected with sandbags last night, and said she was happy to return the favor.

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"It's a good feeling, though, because the city needed it," Pfau said. "I don't even know who lives here. I'm just glad to help them out, 'cause there were people at my house last night that I have no idea who they were."

Volunteers told WDAY News that working together toward a common goal has brought them closer.

"Just the conversations we've had with the people here, we've gotten to know them quite a bit. It's been an uplifting experience," Cliften said.

For now, they can take it easy and hope the sandbags are enough to fight the next crest.