Today is the date of the average first subzero temperature of the winter. What this means is that since 1881, half the winter seasons have had a subzero temperature on or before Nov. 28 and half the years it has been on or after today. The first subzero temperature in Fargo-Moorhead this winter was back on Nov. 11, when the temperature reached a low of -3 degrees on a day with a maximum temperature of 13 degrees.

The earliest on record was Oct. 26, 1919, and the latest on record was Dec. 31, 1987.

The average has been slipping a bit in recent years. The average first subzero date of winter from 1881 through 1900 was Nov. 20. From 1901 through 1950, the average date was Nov. 28. The average barely changed from 1951 through 1999 to Nov. 29.

However, since 2000, the average first subzero temperature since 2000 is Dec. 3. So this year's early cold is averse to the ongoing trend.

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