WEST FARGO — An ambulance got stuck in heavy snow Sunday, Dec. 29, responding to a report of a pregnant woman in labor, prompting emergency crews to work together to help her.

However, the expecting mother's pains ended up being a false alarm. The pregnant woman, who asked that her name not be published, told The Forum that it turned out she was not in labor, but was passing a kidney stone.

Heavy snow, at places nearly a foot deep, mired the ambulance as it tried to navigate 11th Street West to reach the woman, West Fargo Fire Chief Dan Fuller said.

Someone’s car — stuck in the middle of the street — acted as a partial roadblock. The ambulance tried to maneuver around the vehicle, “but the ambulance couldn’t get by and got stuck,” Fuller said.

A fire department pickup truck plowed the streets to the woman’s house, where emergency workers were able to help her. The pickup then plowed a path back to a main road, clearing the way for the ambulance all the way to a nearby hospital, Fuller said.

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“We had our share of issues. We had 15 calls from the start of the blizzard, 10 of them were medicals, five were fire and HAZMAT calls,” the chief said.