Construction crews are cleaning up after the extreme cold caused pipes to burst overnight at the Lodoen Community Center.

Temperatures dipped down to 22 below zero, with wind chills of 40 to 60 below overnight.

West Fargo School District Spokeswoman Heather Leas said "several pipes" burst overnight, making some of the spaces that hold classes unusable Thursday, Feb. 13.

The Lodoen Community Center houses West Fargo Public schools transition academy, early childhood special education, the newcomer program, Community High School and the West Fargo Public Library.

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Library Director Carissa Hansen said the library did not sustain any damage.

Since water needed to be shut off to a portion of the building while crews responded to and assessed the damage, classes had to be canceled at 9:30 a.m., Leas said.

Leas said any community high students already onsite were allowed to leave, be picked up or would be bused home.

Thursday afternoon, Leas said the maintenance crews were able to quickly clean up the water. And that Friday classes could resume as scheduled.

Although the water had been turned back on, the library closed at 2 p.m. Thursday, to allow the system to return to normal. The library was expected to open again for normal Friday hours.

The original building was built in 1941 as West Fargo's first high school. In 1954, a north side classroom addition was added. A gymnasium was added in 1959, which is now where the West Fargo Public Library is housed.

In 1973, the current gymnasium was added and the building transitioned to a middle school in 1986 when the West Fargo High School opened. In 2005, the building was again remodeled and converted to the community building. The building was slated to undergo further renovations this year to prepare to house preschool and additional daycare classes.

Leas said a quick estimate of damage appeared to be less than $10,000.