Since the blizzard of Jan. 17-18, a period of more than five weeks, it has snowed 2.9 inches on Fargo-Moorhead with a water content of 0.18 inches. The snow that had already fallen by mid-January is still sitting there.

A few melting days has settled the drifts, but the water is still in the snow, so we are left with the same 4 inches or so of water in the snow that we had when the first flood forecast was issued in late January. The other factors that led to the concerning river forecast are still in place except one important item.

The forecast of above-average precipitation during February failed to materialize, and at least the start of March is likely to be mainly dry as well. No one has canceled the spring flood, yet. Dry weather patterns can turn wet again very quickly. A rapid thaw could cause trouble as well. But the spring thaw is starting to smell better to me.

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