It's relatively warm today, but it would be a lot warmer if we didn't have snow on the ground.

The quality of March weather is often tied very closely to the presence of absence of snow cover. Temperatures across the western Dakotas will range from 50 to 70 degrees today, Saturday, March 7, something not possible here with melting snow eating up so much solar energy. The coldest March daily high temperature on record is minus 8 degrees, set March 1, 2014, indicating the presence of snow cover.

Contrasting that, it was 80 degrees on March 23, 1910, when the ground was snow-free and dry. Daily low records range from 34 below zero on March 8, 1948, to 60 degrees on March 18, 2012. Snow cover today is likely keeping afternoon temperatures in our area in the 40s, whereas with a snow-free ground , we would have made it to the 50s to around 60 degrees likely.

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