Phone calls and emails have started to come into the WDAY Weather Center regarding a forecast from the Old Farmer's Almanac of a major snowstorm on or shortly after March 16. Well, how about we examine the Almanac's track record so far this winter?

Our region's first big snowstorm this winter came Nov. 30 into Dec. 1. The Almanac forecast read, "Flurries, mild." Our biggest snowstorm this winter, and the main reason there has been a concern about the spring flood, happened Dec. 28-29. The Almanac forecast read, "Snow showers, mild." Also of note, the Almanac's February outlook called for numerous snowy periods that failed to materialize in what became the seventh least-snowy February in 140 years.

There is no reason to worry about any weather forecast from the Old Farmer's Almanac because to do so would be just plain silly.

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