Today is an important day in the Fargo-Moorhead weather record. On March 23, 1910, a temperature of 80 degrees was recorded.

This remains the only 80-degree temperature on record for Fargo-Moorhead in the month of March. Five days earlier, on March 18, the temperature reached 72 degrees for the earliest 70-degree temperature on record. In fact, the temperature had never even reached 70 degrees once during March in Fargo-Moorhead from 1881-1909.

March 1910 was truly a rogue month with such extreme early-season heat. There were a total of four days of at least 70 degrees that month, a record that would stand until there were six 70-degree days in 2012. The earliest 70-degree day record was set in 2012 when it reached 75 degrees on March 16. Those two months, March of 1910 and 2012, both have monthly mean temperatures about 5 degrees higher than any other March, and more than 12 degrees warmer than the present average.

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