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Schools of Thought: Olympic Sports vs. Big Four Sports

Every four years, our house much like others, gets very excited as the summer Olympic Games arrive.

In our part of the country, it can be bittersweet because our summers and nice weather are short and nice days are few and far between and not to be wasted indoors watching sports.

We love to watch all of these sports because we do not get to see them all of the time and they

motivate. Some people, like my better half, even like to watch some of these events and then go outside and train like she can still be one of these great athletes. I then crush her dreams, when I lay out the facts that she is too old to make any of our Olympic teams. It still does not deter her or even my Olympic spirit. It gets us outside and fired up. I know and feel like I could be an Olympic dog walker.

This week the Olympics will be wrapping up and the following week our fall sports will be well


This month's school of thought compares the Olympic sports to those of the Big Four.

What sport or sports are your favorite as a participant or that of a spectator?

The school of thought can also carry over to which sports are harder to train for or compete in?

The Big Four of football, basketball, baseball, and hockey or the televised sports are yearly and in many cases nearly year-round. Soccer has entered into this mix and still can be considered more towards the Olympic sport. Many of the Olympic sports have all levels and do compete yearly as well but not with the media coverage even close to the Big Four sports.

I personally love watching high school and college football. Other than that, I would fall into the school of thought or the Olympic sport camp as my favorite.

I believe many tend to enjoy less than more or rather get more excited for those sports that aren't as readily available to us. It is probably why the Olympics are so popular. They only come around every four years and actually get covered by the media. Football games are once a week typically and fans and players have more time in between events to get the excitement built up. Basketball, baseball and hockey and even soccer have much less time between games and many have the school of thought these become boring and if you miss a game you can just catch the next one a day or so later.

The Olympic sports and athletes also have to invest so much time between big events which makes it that much more special. It seems the personal stories of those athletes have so many interesting angles as well.

This year I followed the USA Shooting teams very closely as one of the athletes has become a friend and spent some time here last summer. He has some great stories to tell.

I have watched some fencing, table tennis, volleyball (sand and hard court), weightlifting, track and field and rugby. I watched all of the swimming and gymnastics. I did not watch any tennis, basketball, golf or soccer, not because I do not like these sports, but rather because I can see them any time and they become boring to me.

Every four years as the final week wraps up, I start to feel bummed out knowing I will have to wait another four years, but again that is what makes them special. I will get over them quickly this year as the following week begins the high school and college football game schedules. The NDSU Bison football team begins a quest for six straight championships so attention will divert to them quickly.

Until then, I will be flipping channels, streaming and checking updates regarding the Olympics. I will then be going outside to continue my training for the 2020 Olympics. I am holding out hope that dog walking will be one of the events in 2020.