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Schools of thought on spring cleaning

Spring is here and with that comes this spring cleaning column in which I ask your schools of thought on what old stuff needs to be thrown out and cleaned up after another long winter. With the cleaning is the opportunity to get some things that bug me and many of you off our minds to clear our thoughts and start fresh.

The first school of thought is in regards to professional athletes, most notably National Basketball Association divas. The argument for and against many of these athletes including several of the so-called superstars and whether they should or need to rest at varying times throughout their season. I have the school of thought that I do think they deserve to rest and they have plenty of time to do so in July, August, September and part of October. Give me that gig any day.

A second house cleaning is in regards to a most recent flare up of USA hockey and equality for both men and women.

First of all is I love sports. All men sports and all women sports, and heck I even like watching horse racing, dog agility competition and a bunch of cars go around a track in circles. What bothered me about the recent USA hockey women's team protest was just that. Do we have to protest everything and anything every time we do not get our way? Come on, it is getting old. I agree the women hockey players are representing our country the same as the men, but sometimes sports like anything else, is capitalism and market driven. If the female version of a men's sport generates the same amount of revenue then equality is justified. The same goes on the flip side. I know for a fact, that during Olympic years women's gymnastics is one of, if not the most popular sports to watch. I do not hear the men gymnasts protesting and threatening to sit out because they are not getting equal time or endorsement opportunities as the women.

Even when sports needs a good spring cleaning, sometimes it might just need a dusting and vacuuming instead of throwing out and abandonment when compared to other things.