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Fargo elementary school teacher put on leave after accusations of bullying students

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FARGO—A Fargo elementary school teacher has been put on leave after being accused of bullying her students.

Following an investigation, Andrea Deschamp was removed from the classroom and put on administrative leave.

Fargo Public Schools declined an on-camera interview, but gave this statement: "The teacher will not be returning to the classroom at Lewis & Clark Elementary School. The district continues to work with the teacher on the reported concerns."

The mother of a 10-year-old student in the class, who promises to keep the issue alive but didn’t want to be identified, said her girl began struggling in school, becoming emotional and distant at first. They thought hormones were to blame.

Over time, they learned it wasn't hormones, but classroom bullying reportedly from her teacher.

In her class, parents said they found out children weren't allowed to go to the nurse's' office without giving a detailed explanation of why in front of the entire class. Same goes with using the restroom, and apparently the teacher was ridiculing kids for fixing their hair or using chapstick."

Parents believe there were multiple, verbal complaints over the years, but it took the mother’s final, formal complaint on Nov. 8 to spur action.

Deschamp didn’t return a call for comment.