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West Fargo School Board searches for new superintendent

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FARGO—Community members are weighing in on the search for a new superintendent in West Fargo.

The school board met with several district members tonight.

They provided input on the search to replace retiring Superintendent, Dr. David Flowers.

Fifteen candidates will be narrowed down to around six in the coming weeks.

The board hopes to offer a contract to its top candidate by the end of next month.

Board members are hopeful the tight schedule will keep other districts' search for new superintendents non-factors.

Shauna Vistad on the West Fargo School Board says, "The ending will be pretty consistent with the other districts' as well so we're going to focus on making sure we get the right candidate for our districts regardless of who the other districts find."

Fargo, Moorhead, and Bismarck school districts are all looking for superintendents for next year.

Pay for the open West Fargo position starts at 200 thousand dollars per year.