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Fargo chef: Bourdain’s biggest accomplishment was breaking down cultural barriers

He didn't invent a dish that now we all cook in our kitchens. He never received the coveted stars that chefs strive to achieve. What Anthony Bourdain achieved and will be remembered for is much more important, in this man's opinion.

Notice I did not say “in this chef’s opinion.” What Chef Bourdain achieved was not important on a culinary level but on a human level.

Bourdain brought us into cultures perhaps we were scared of or never knew. He showed us that on the other side of the table was someone just like us; just as thoughtful, hospitable, and that through food understanding can be achieved.

Scared of the Russians? How about sitting down over a few vodkas and talking with them.

All Iranians are terrorists? Try to continue to think that while being served lamb in a saffron yogurt sauce at their dinner table.

The cultural barriers brought down by Chef Bourdain should and will be his legacy. For we are all connected by food in some way and Bourdain showed us that every week.

With a heart full of appreciation, rest in peace.

Rosenbluth owns Twobear Food and operates Harvestable, a tech start-up that connects local farmers and chefs. He lives in Fargo after having moved here from Philadelphia.