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Fargo Police Department receives large memorial badge in honor of fallen officer Jason Moszer

This memorial badge was donated to the Fargo Police Department by David McCracken to honor fallen officer Jason Moszer, who was killed in a standoff in February.

FARGO -- The Fargo Police Department has received a memorial badge to honor fallen officer Jason Moszer, who was shot and later died during 2016 standoff.

The badge was donated by David McCracken and given to an officer who brought it to Public Information Officer Jessica Schindeldecker.

“People have provided special paintings, designs or artworks to us in memory of him, which really goes to show we have a great community standing behind us,” Schindeldecker said.

The badge is made of metal and the Fargo Police Department intends to hang it in their new building.

Moszer was responding to a call where Marcus Schumacher tried to shoot his wife. Moszer and other officers were in a standoff with Schumacher where almost 50 shots were fired from his home.

Moszer had been shot within three hours of the standoff on Feb. 10, 2016, and was pronounced dead the next day.

Moszer has since been remembered along with more than 21,000 fallen officers in Washington, D.C. He has his name engraved in the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.