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Study finds a third of ND roads are in 'poor condition'

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FARGO -- A new study finds one-third of North Dakota's roads are in poor condition.

The National Transportation Research Group, TRIP, presented research findings Tuesday, Oct. 9, at the Delta by Marriott.

Presenters said the state is facing a $2.5 billion shortfall in transportation funding needed to improve roads and bridges.

And the ones who are paying for those deficiencies are drivers.

The research found the poor conditions are costing drivers up to $400 annually on vehicle repair.

"Having a good transportation system means that you have to make those investments, and ultimately the public is the one that pays for that. But as we pointed out in the report when those investments are not made, it's the public that suffers," TRIP representative Rocky Moretti said.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation estimates the number of miles of rough roads will double in the next three years, making that more than 800 miles of poor conditions.