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Sheyenne project pushed back 3 weeks because of bad weather

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WEST FARGO, N.D.—Through the mud and mist, crews are working fast as they try to finish up Sheyenne construction.

The original completion date was Oct. 15, but now Chris Brungardt from Public Works is estimating to be done around Nov. 1.

The three week delay has all been because of rain.

"Everyday we get rain it probably slows down the construction project by a day or two. It just takes a little while for things to dry out,"  West Fargo Public Works employee Chris Brungardt said.

There's no hard and fast date when contractors have to be done.

A lot of allowances are made because of the weather, but they can't keep going through the winter.

Public works says if it drags on too long they'll start charging for "liquidated damages" which can cost contractors up to $2,000 a day until they get the work done.

The city is already planning on some winter suspensions for projects.

This just means they'll finish up the main road, and work on things like grass and trees in the spring.

"We have a phrase called 'significantly complete', so that's usually the main line's done, the curb and gutters in, the street lights are up. All these different things to make it 'significantly complete'," Brungardt said.

Despite the news of a late construction season, homeowners in the area seem positive about the project outlook.

Homeowner Charles Ricketts says he drives down the road every day.

Even though it's frustrating, he says it will be worth it in the spring.

"It's a challenge, but it's the world in which we live in. We're granted, what, 7, 8 months? And when you get things like wind and rain, you expect it to take a little bit longer than anticipated," West Fargo homeowner Charles Ricketts said.

Public works says all they have to do now is re-pave and put in the gutters, which they can do in the rain and snow.

You might see crews out a bit later than normal, going until 7 or 8 p.m. just to get it done before the snow starts.