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Schools of thought: Enjoy the fleeting days of your kids' activities

Mark Sahli

The city of Fargo has a new app to report problems or complaints. Upon hearing about this, I put my problem-solving skills to work as well. Introducing the latest, greatest app on the market, the all-complaint app. Once you tap the icon, a complaint form pops up. As you try to enter the problem or complaint, you realize this app does not actually work. You then get frustrated to the point that you are now upset and become so upset you forgot what you were originally going to complain about. Shazam, your problem is solved!

Stupid, yes, but this is simple in so many ways.

High school sports should be so simple. Maybe I should work on an app for this as well. Many schools of thought revolve around high school sports and extracurricular activities. They are great for development. They are bad because cliques are formed. They help build character. They cause frustration.

They provide excitement. They develop leaders. They promote poor sportsmanship. So many more schools of thought can be linked to sports and extracurricular activities, but no matter which of those thoughts you may have, as a parent, please enjoy whatever your child is doing, because it will go by way too fast. As I catch myself watching my own kids grow up and participate in things, I also catch myself trying to have that app available for them to tap and make everything go the way they and you want it to go. Sorry, this app does not work either nor exist for that matter. Injuries happen, circumstances change, body development takes place at varying times and on and on. All of these things happen and in a blink of an eye.

Older people are wise and dang it, I should have always listened to them or at least most of the time. I now feel like I am one of those older and wiser people (just not grown up yet) and hope you parents and grandparents take my advice. Tap on the icon on the app that pops up this statement. “Enjoy your youth’s activities” They soon will be over no matter how far they take them.

Sahli is a longtime West Fargo resident, parent, coach, outdoor enthusiast, and former columnist for NDSU Bison athletics in various publications. He can be reached at for comments and ideas.