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Schools of Thought: AC/DC could be ‘Thunderstruck’

Mark Sahli

This month’s school of thought relates to our beloved North Dakota State Bison football team. They are just as much our team here in West Fargo as they are in Fargo or anywhere else. Along with that, our paper has the ability to cover this team just as much as The Forum of Fargo does.

While spending a fifth straight year covering this team for a column or as a spectator in Frisco, Texas, my family and I were able to see and visit with a great showing of West Fargo residents in attendance again this year.

Now, as the season has again finished on the ultimate high note, it would be good to see what can be done to keep college football and especially the Bison fresh in our memory. Spring ball is not too far off, but a lull between now and then will leave space for topics related to this historical program. There is and has been and will be talk of moving to Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) or staying at Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), along with many schools of thought supporting both.

These are changes that could be coming. Change of any sort always creates anxiety and sometimes outright animosity and anger. We will leave those change discussions to the regular beat writers at The Forum.

Could you imagine a little change at the Fargodome, of not playing the song “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC for the team entrance? It always makes the hair on your neck stand up and has not become old or boring in many years. If only the band, AC/DC knew how much excitement and ownership the Bison have taken from that one song. Now you are getting closer to where this is going.

Did you know the band will be playing at the Fargodome in February? That is only a month away and spring ball a month or so later. Well, there is your link or way to keep this team fresh in our minds again. How is the AC/DC concert a link, you ask? Would it not be the coolest thing as an overall cap to this past season and lead-up to next season to have AC/DC live in concert at the home of the Bison football team, with lights down, start that familiar guitar and crowd chant of Thunder and then explosion with lights and Bison players coming onto the stage carrying five championship trophies? The band’s most notable member is Angus Young, and if you ever listen to a live version of “Thunderstruck,” you hear the crowd yelling Angus, Angus, Angus prior to the song beginning. If you substitute Angus with Bison while listening to that live version, you know what I mean about generated excitement.

My school of thought regarding this has been in motion since it was announced the band was returning to Fargo. It became amped up with our Bison doing their part and winning a fifth straight championship. I am doing my part to contact those who could make this happen at the concert, but it would be nice to have that fluent speaking Australian speaker enter now. Yes, AC/DC is that Australian group who is coming here and playing in the Fargodome, (home of Bison football) which has had the song “Thunderstruck” played many time over the speakers. How about this time live and in person?

Sahli is a longtime West Fargo resident, parent, coach, outdoor enthusiast, and former columnist for NDSU Bison athletics in varying publications. He can be reached at for comments and ideas.