Schools of Thought: Timing is everything, in sports and life


For me, there are a couple of schools of thought regarding a monthly column versus a daily column or even a weekly column.
One school of thought is I am not under the gun or deadline to put together a daily column. Another school of thought with the monthly column is how to make it timely. Planning has to go into the column to make it fresh and in the moment or have somewhat good timing.
Timing is everything and the timing of this column is a challenge for sure. It pertains to Carson Wentz and his rise to success. Wentz, as you probably know, is the former North Dakota State Bison quarterback.
Let us just deviate from timing for a split second. Enter the laughs if you get it. The deviation relates to the NFL combine, but not related to timing. As a combine fanatic, I was surprised to read and hear all the talk from area sports folk about hand size measurements as it relates to quarterbacks and not Donald Trump. Every year, I dig out a ruler. I press the tip of my thumb on the zero mark and stretch my little finger as far as it will go to make sure I can still reach the 10-inch mark.
With that, I have a size 10 hand measurement. The focus on the hand size of quarterbacks has been around since the 1980s or earlier and that is when I first started paying attention to it. Any hand size over 10 is exceptional and less than 9 is going to be scrutinized for sure. OK, please put your rulers away and get back to reading this.
Timing in the combine for quarterbacks relates to passing routes, etc., but the 40-yard dash or 40 times is the most talked about measurement at the combine. Carson Wentz clocked a 4.77-second 40 time. This was second fastest among the quarterbacks at the combine. This timing is a mechanical measurement. What about the physical or circumstantial events that have led to his rise? What if he did not take the football path out of high school? He was a multi-sport athlete. What if Brock Jensen, the FCS quarterback with the most career wins of all time, did not play ahead of Wentz at NDSU? Would that have helped him more or less? Would he have been as fresh? What if he did not get hurt in mid-season this past year? Would he have better numbers or would he again have been not as fresh?
Another school of thought regarding Wentz and his upcoming NFL draft status is the class of quarterbacks available this year. It could be discussed that his timing of grade and class was very helpful to him. Last year’s class or next year’s class might have made it a bit tougher to be the top NFL quarterback prospect.
With so many timing factors that have come into play for Wentz, it is without question that he matched timing with effort and passed with flying colors. Timing is everything with sports and life, and the effort added to the timing can sure lead to success. Just look at Carson Wentz.

Sahli is a longtime West Fargo resident, parent, coach, outdoor enthusiast, and former columnist for NDSU Bison athletics in varying publications. He can be reached at for comments and ideas.