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Schools of thought: Patience in sports and life

Mark Sahli

This month's school of thought takes a bit out of previous columns and references to a band that played here in February and a special area athlete. Those of you who read this regularly (which is now well into the high single digits and maybe even double digits by now) know the band I am talking about. AC/DC was that band and by was I mean was.

My youngest son was upset I did not take him to see them the last time they were here (he was 9 at the time) and I told him to have a little patience. I would take him to see them if and when they came back.

They did come back and everyone in this area is lucky to see them when they did, as they were and no longer are. The lead singer Brian Johnson is no longer the lead singer. The potential new lead singer is none other than the great philosopher Axl Rose of Guns and Roses fame. Said Axl: "Take it slow it'll work itself out fine, all we need is just a little patience."

Ah yes, those great words of wisdom from such a great mind.

So once again you ask where am I going with this, and I tell you to have a little patience and I will tie it all together for you in a nice little package.

AC/DC plays Thunderstruck, which is the entrance song for NDSU Bison athletic events. Axl Rose may be the next lead singer for AC/DC. Axl Rose is well-known for the song, "All we need is just a little patience."

I write mostly about sports. In sports, you have to have patience. I also write a lot about youth and high school sports. You definitely have to be patient here. Youths change, go through many stages of development, mood swings and so many other changes.

A fine example of these changes are a case and point of last month's column regarding Carson Wentz of NDSU football fame. Follow his story on his size change from high school until now and in just over a week from now he could be the No. 1 pick in the National Football League draft. Follow his story to get here and you will see definition of patience.

If you find yourself being impatient with yourself or son or daughter, trust me I feel and know what you are going through. I have the "be patient" talk with myself over and over, but still am impatient.

In sports and life, we want things now and get frustrated when our social media or internet or fast-food order is not ready for our consumption in 5 seconds. We get impatient with our sports and so many other things.

Axl Rose is not my idea of a role model and I am surely not trying to portray that, but he is right, "All we need is just a little patience."