Summer is well on its way with more than enough moisture throughout the area, which eliminates any worries about dry conditions that we are normally concerned about this time of year.

Our usual fire safety topic is going to be set aside this week so we can discuss technology and how it may be used to save a life.

In a world of cell phones and interconnectivity, there seems to be app for everything, including fire and emergency response. Two free apps are available to the public that can not only keep you in touch with your local fire station activity but for those of you in the community who are trained in CPR. This app can make you aware of situations where you can assist in saving a life.

Download the free app” PulsePoint” on your cell phone and choose your local fire department. Then you will be able to follow fire and medical calls as they occur in your community. This is a real time reporting system and shows the time it takes for emergency services to arrive and the location of the incident. The app will also show you map of your community and pin point the locations of emergency calls. This will give you a great insight as to how busy your local fire department actually is and what type of calls they go out on.

The PulsePoint AED app helps strengthen the chain of survival for cardiac arrest victims. The location of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) are mapped on PulsePoint so you can see where the nearest one is located. If you know of the location of AEDs in your community, download the app for free and use it to report that knowledge. Describe the location, snap a picture and the information will be stored for local authorities to verify.

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After the verification process is complete that AED location data is made available to anyone using PulsePoint Respond (also available for free in the App store). PulsePoint Respond will alert citizen responders who know CPR to local emergencies near them and also give them the location of the nearest AED. The AEDs that you locate and report using PulsePoint and report using PulsePoint AED are also made available to local dispatchers in the emergency communication center allowing them to direct callers to the nearby life saving devices.

If a person is having a heart attack, a call would go to Red River Dispatch and also to PulsePoint. This would alert the use of this app that there is an emergency nearby and provide them with the directions to the nearest AED unit and also the directions to get to the person needing assistance. This app has saved many lives already, providing assistance to those in needs when they otherwise would be waiting for emergency room services.

When medical emergency calls come in, the emergency responders will be ready, but what if we could also utilize someone in the community who was already on scene and could start applying lifesaving CPR and defibrillation until the responders arrive? With PulsePoint the dispatch center immediately alerts CPR trained individuals about nearby cardiac arrest events through the PulsePoint Respond mobile app and the location of the closest AED.

Download the PulsePoint app today and to keep in touch with your community’s fire department and if you are trained in CPR and willing to respond to emergency cardiac situations, download PulsePoint Respond and you may have a chance to save someone’s life.

We hope you enjoy this app, and have a great August.