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Chief's Corner

Assistant Chief Mike Reitan

In July at a regular city commission meeting, the West Fargo City Commission approved Ordinance 10-15 Taxicabs, an ordinance to regulate the business of transportation for hire.

The purpose of the ordinance is to ensure established public safety standards relating to the transportation of passengers are met.

The ordinance requires any individual or company wishing to operate a taxicab in West Fargo to be licensed through the city.

There is a provision within the law to allow taxicabs licensed in another jurisdiction to provide services in West Fargo if the other jurisdiction's licensing requirements are similar to the West Fargo ordinance. The application process is administered through the auditor's office.

As part of the licensing requirements the owners, managers and operators of the service must submit to criminal and driving record checks. Those individuals found to have been convicted of disqualifying violations shall be prohibited from participating as a driver in the operation. Drivers are further prohibited from smoking tobacco products and may not work more than 12 hours within any consecutive 24-hour period.

Other requirements of the application process include identifying the location of the business office within the city and indicating the number of taxicabs the business plans to operate. The ordinance also sets minimum requirements for insurance coverage.

A licensed taxicab is required to display the business name of the company on each side of the vehicle in letters no less than 4 inches in height.

The licensing certificate must also be displayed within the vehicle in a position so that the passenger may view the certificate. Each certificate shall be good for a period of one year and expires on June 1 of each year.

Know before you get into a vehicle that it is a licensed taxicab and the driver is licensed to operate.

Anyone who experiences an issue with a taxicab provider is encouraged to contact their local law enforcement agency to report the problem.