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Schools of thought: Seasonal changes

Mark Sahli, columnist for The Pioneer Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

It seems as though our fall was going to go on forever, and to many of our dismay it came to an end abruptly this past week. The crisp air with no snow and falling leaves gave way to howling winds, driving snow and below zero temp wind chills.

Seasonal changes can also bring seasonal sport changes. With this weather, you are also ready for basketball, wrestling, swimming and holiday tournaments to go along with these sports.

We have also grown accustomed to December as a continuation of football for our NDSU Bison Football Team.

This year seems different to me for many reasons. The season started out with quotes from some to the coaching staff regarding loss of players to graduation and some attrition.

With the Program that is NDSU, the school of thought is no worries and they will be as good as always. The other school of thought is there is a possibility of the end of an unbelievable run and it is going to come to an end sometime.

The only thing that I see that would lead me to believe that an end is coming or could have come by the time you read this, is the complacency of the fans. Myself included, I have had to miss out on some of the games and hoopla this year because life actually took a front seat. My support for the team along with excitement for each and every game has not taken the back seat however, and I still feel the pain of any failures by the team as if I was part of the team. It is just a blast to watch these young athletes.

As long as there are sports, there will be arm chair experts who will still find time to criticize a team that is 12-1 at this time and playing in the playoffs once again. It is definitely a case of a spoiled fan base.

My school of thought then is to ask those of you critics including myself at times to step back and enjoy what this run is and how great this program is. If you see me out and about and I say something bad about this team or any player, tell me to shut up and read my own writing. Thank You.

When our Bison do end this season, and the hope again is in January in Frisco, Texas, please remember how good they are and have been and take the time to move support to our area West Fargo teams and other area teams of your choice. Some of these athletes will soon be Bison and other area college athletes as well. There are many of these athletes who have interesting stories to tell as well and the West Fargo Pioneer does a great job of telling some of these stories.

Stay warm and enjoy this winter season of sports and other extra- curricular activities and without rushing the winter away, spring will soon be here and a seasonal transition from winter activities to spring activities.

Sahli is a long-time West Fargo resident, parent, coach, outdoor enthusiast, and former columnist for NDSU Bison athletics in varying publications. He can be reached at for comments and ideas.