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Silly season, sad season

Last month's column was just prior to the last game of the year for the North Dakota State University Bison football team.

The difference this year is the last game of the year came as a defeat unlike the prior five years. It was sad, but just like anything, nothing lasts forever, even though the possibility did exist of never losing another Football Championship Division (FCS) title again. Some fans took the approach that it was just a nice break or chance for someone else to have some fun. Others took it pretty hard. Hopefully, they have stepped back from the cliff by now, and realize next year's team will come back strong as ever.

Two schools of thought regarding this year was: 1) Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas, was under repair and would not hold as many rabid Bison fans as years past so it was a good year to miss out. 2) The weather was the coldest it has been in the last six years. Even though it's warmer than here, it was still not the getaway destination many would desire.

So good for you James Madison, bask in your glory for a year, and be prepared to have the target on your back for at least a year, let alone five.

Along with the sad season, comes the silly season. The season of the legislative assembly to include bills proposed and ideas being put up for discussion in committee and eventually voted on.

Yes, this is usually a sports related column, but stay on the ship with me and you will see my point once again. The school of thought regarding the silly season is because every time the legislature gets together, they tend to bring about bills or potential bills that make no sense or solutions looking for problems.

One of the bills being discussed this year is the bill regarding prayer before games. I wrote about this last year and now the legislature feels they need to step in and tell schools what to do or what not to do.

Can we just leave some of these things up to the local authorities to work through without a bunch of people trying to justify their pay in Bismarck by trying to get involved in too many issues?

We are constantly being bombarded with new laws, which is difficult for many of us to keep track of as we go through our daily lives. Sometimes just want to relax at a high school event without offending or feeling offended by something and therefore having to have a law passed regarding it.

This is not only on a high school level, but our government gets involved at all levels including college, professional and even amateur.

When the bills which need attention and relate to all of our day to day lives stall out or get shot down, you can bet the sports world will have some activity from the silliness patrol.

To the legislature: the sports world has enough to deal with. Leave those things and many others to local agencies and concentrate on bigger things like property tax issues, oil tax revenues and infrastructure funding. The sports world can do just fine without your help.

Sahli is a long-time West Fargo resident, parent, coach, outdoor enthusiast, and former columnist for NDSU Bison athletics in varying publications. He can be reached at for comments and ideas.