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Summer is here but not all seasons are over

We are in the transition stage or rather already transitioned from the school sports calendar to the summer sports calendar. With that comes a bit of a lull and a few months of trying to put things in this "school of thought" column.

Perhaps the first thing comes to mind with the summer beginning and the weather getting nice although short-lived, is attention to summer sports or activities. We can turn our running or in some of our situations, walking into nearly all outside. We can get off the stationary bikes and pull our pedal bikes off the garage wall. We can take our dogs for their exercise which makes all of us feel healthier and better about ourselves.

The pools are open and golf courses are becoming crowded. The parks and recreation programs in our cities are peaked with activities. It is hard to find batting cages and baseball fields without some activity throughout the days.

Ah yes, summer is here and school is out and fun in the sun is priority one.

Now, here are just a few things which lean towards the darker side of trying to enjoy those lifelong activities and the chance to get outside.

First off, those of you who are helping Fido and you get the exercise, could you please take with you, at least a couple of those plastic grocery bags that some cities are trying to ban. Please use them to pick up your superstar's doo doo. It is tiring having to pick up other people's dog crap from my own yard. I have plenty of my own to pick up. If you are too lazy to pick it up or do not have a bag, come and ask me for one, I have plenty.

Secondly, I will be the one to call out the morons who can't quite seem to know the difference between a planter stand and a garbage can, which sit along the new bike paths we have in our city. I am sure those of you who are challenged with this, do not read this anyway, as you might be too enthralled in your own world to care or take the time, but those things with dirt in them and sit next to the benches along the bike paths, are for plants to help make our city nice looking. They are not garbage cans and do not call out for garbage to be thrown into them. This might come across as harsh, but sometimes people need a little wake up call to get them out of their me, me, and me world.

Summer is short and time outside is a premium, so get out and enjoy and spend as much time as you can away from the computers, televisions and most of all get off of your phones and spend some quality time outdoors. That school of thought should never go away.