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Port: We have no idea if voter fraud changed the outcome of some ND elections

File photo. Dave Wallis / The Forum

When the voter ID issue is brought up by Republicans the response from Democrats is usually a lot of dismissive sneering.

Voter fraud isn’t really a problem, they tell us, pointing to the lack of criminal cases involving voter fraud.

But is it that there’s no fraud? Or that we aren’t really doing anything to detect and address it?

Secretary of State Al Jaeger, in responding earlier this month to questions sent by President Donald Trump’s election integrity commission, pointed out that in the most recent election there were thousands of ballots cast by way of self-certifying affidavits (as opposed to identification) which have not, even now, been verified. Jaeger notes that fraud among these ballots could have impacted no fewer than eight close races across the state, five of which were won by Republicans and three of which were won by Democrats (see the full letter at the link).

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