On occasion, our editorial staff receives invitations to review new book releases covering a wide gamut of literary styles and topics. Last month, a book about Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity (ADHD) was mailed to me. I read it with interest.

With so many students in our schools affected by attention deficit disorders, I knew the book would provide some valuable insight to help me understand what families of children with ADHD go through.

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I highly recommend "The Seventh Inning Sit, a Journey of ADHD," written by Karen Lowry, to anyone who wants to know more about attention deficit disorders. Written by a New Jersey mother of three whose youngest son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of five, the book gives a personal account of one family's struggles as they attempt to cope with the confusion surrounding ADHD.

According to Lowry, sources indicate that up to nine percent of school-age children suffer from ADHD, yet there still remains a great deal of uncertainty about how to treat it. ADHD is a condition that is hard to diagnose, and even harder to treat or monitor. Being an invisible disorder that can't be seen on the outside, except as perceived through behavioral patterns, ADHD is often misunderstood. No two cases are alike and medication levels and stimulation methods often need to be adjusted on a trial and error basis to find out what works best for each child. The danger of stereotyping children with attention deficit disorders often results in delayed treatment, misdiagnosis, and frustration.

Lowry's book is a good reference book to keep on hand and refer back to often for anyone who has a child with ADHD, or for educators or medical professionals who deal with students suffering from attention deficit disorders.

Stemming from her firsthand experience trying to help monitor her son's ADHD, and frustration in her search for resources for families affected by attention deficit disorders, Lowry eventually became involved as a certified ADHD family instructor through Parent2Parent. She has a B.S.N. degree in nursing from the College of New Jersey and a master's degree in pediatric nursing from the University of Pennsylvania.

"The Seventh Inning Sit" is available online at Amazon.com and BookSurge.com, or can be special ordered through local bookstores.