An open letter to Mr. Mattern and Mr. Simmons,

I am a resident of West Fargo and live in the Eagle Run subdivision. I had my home built new in 2002 and have on occasion called the Street and Sanitation Departments with questions.

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Invariably I am almost always transferred to voicemail of whom ever I am trying to ask a question of. This of course is understandable.

My question is thus: Why do the department heads or supervisors NEVER call me back? I am a Fargo Police Sergeant and managed the Personal and Property Crimes Units for four years. You can imagine the amount of phone calls and emails I received. I will let you know that NEVER in my four years in my position did I not return a voicemail or email. I am frustrated as a taxpayer with the lack of responsibility paid to me and other citizens by the supervisors or persons I have been transferred to and left messages.

Mark Lykken