On June 3, we celebrated the culmination of our high school seniors' education at West Fargo

Public Schools with 280 graduates from West Fargo High School and 275 from Sheyenne High

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School. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the community and family support for these young

people who are entering the workforce, joining the military, or pursuing additional education at a

college or university of their choice. Congratulations to all of them as they move onto their next

great adventure.

At the conclusion of every school year, we frequently take a few moments to reflect on the past

year and on the transitions ahead. This year, we on the West Fargo School Board faced several

challenging decisions knowing that they will impact our students, our staff and faculty, and our

community members. These decisions included shifting elementary school boundaries, long-

range planning for the future of our district, and searching for a new Superintendent of Schools

to lead us forward as the district of choice.

One key transition in the minds of the members of the School Board is the upcoming retirement

of Dr. David Flowers who has led our district for the past eight years. With 45 years of

experience in the field of education, 25 years as Superintendent of several school districts, and

the last 8 of those years as the Superintendent of West Fargo Public Schools, Dr. Flowers has

distinguished himself as a remarkable leader. If you have had the opportunity to meet Dr.

Flowers in person, you understand the loss that we are all feeling now. His compassion and

commitment to the education of our youth is deep and has been at the core of every curricular

innovation, policy decision, and financial recommendation that he brings forth to the Board. He

has been a mentor for many educators within the district, as well as for educational leaders

across the region. His knowledge, skills, and expertise are well known in the field of elementary

and secondary education and we are a better school district for having had Dr. Flowers at the


We know that the important work of West Fargo Public Schools must go on after Dr. Flowers'

retirement. Therefore, we are confident that Mrs. Beth Slette, who will begin her new role as

Superintendent of Schools on July 1, will continue to move us forward as a district that strives to

be proactive in addressing the challenges of a growing school district.

I hope that you will join the board and myself in wishing Dr. Flowers well as he and Charlene

embark on their next great adventure.

David, we thank you for your purposeful and passionate

leadership of the West Fargo School District. We are a better district for your leadership.


on behalf of the School Board and district staff and faculty, I would personally like to thank you

for your commitment to students. We are thankful for your service and will miss you.