Rest in peace, John McCain. A nation mourns your passing.

You are a national hero, and statesman of the highest order. To have two broken arms and a broken leg and be tortured for a year with no medical attention, then to be offered release. But your code, your ethics said that the first captured was to be the first released.

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You refuse release until those captured before you were released. The torture escalated, then there was the two years of solitary confinement. God only knows where the courage came from to endure such treatment.

Your actions demonstrate how truly great this nation is. Those of us who served look upon you with pride, knowing that you set the standard of conduct high. I'm sure from time to time your party did not appreciate your willingness to do the right thing even if it wasn't what the party wanted.

To them you may have been a "maverick." To the rest of us, you were a man with a steadfast moral compass. This Marine has only two more words to say to you: Semper Fidelis.

Swenberger lives in West Fargo