Trump has brought shame and disrespect to our nation in his failure to promptly lower the flag at half staff for honoring Sen. John McCain's passing.

Trump thinks everything is about himself. Trump forgets he represents the whole country. John McCain was a real, genuine war hero, a veteran and POW, and a prominent senator with a global resume of leadership accomplishments.

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Why are we even talking about this matter? As a 20-year combat veteran, I find the actions of Donald Trump, in failing to promptly order the flag at half staff, a dereliction of his duty as commander-in-chief.

Shame on Trump, the draft dodger, who lived on his daddy's money, while John McCain was flying dangerous combat missions in North Vietnam. Shame on cowardly Trump followers for not speaking out against Trump's arrogant abuses of power.

Trump creates and then exploits simple issues of common courtesy to divide Americans from each other. No one says you have to agree with all of Sen. McCain's politics.

The American Legion got this one right from the beginning, while Trump got this one completely wrong. If you are a Trump supporter who is offended by what is written here, then go study what the term "service to the nation" really means, because this was McCain's whole life.

I am fed up, disgusted and angry at Trump's failure to act like a mature adult even for a great American veteran's funeral.

Stoutenburg is from Sierra Vista, Ariz., formerly Moorhead