When even the mainstream media is praising the Trump economy, it leaves little doubt that things are going well. Jobs are being created, wages are rising, and unemployment is at historic lows.

So how did we get here? In short, free-market economics. By cutting taxes, slashing regulations, and extolling the virtues of entrepreneurism and free-enterprise, President Trump has given employers the moral boost and confidence they need to grow their businesses and reward their employees.

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Limited government has always been good for business and the current trend has been indicative of that fact.

I started my small business, Trandem Automotive Services Inc., nearly 20 years ago and have experienced business under a variety of leaders in Congress and in the Oval Office, but today our sales are better than ever. Consumer confidence is similarly robust and our customers are happier than ever to spend their hard-earned money on products to improve their lives.

If you want something to move forward and to gain strength and speed, it's simple: remove the obstructions! Take the power once concentrated in Washington and entrust it to the people-we'll take it from there!

President Trump has been a force for economic good, which helps everyone from the business owner to the entry-level employee and I thank him for turning around America's economy.

Trandem is from Reiles Acres, N.D.