Let me start out this month by another reminder of what I usually rant and rave about. The column is about sports with the transition to outdoor activities dominated mostly by hunting and fishing topics.

I run some topics by my in- house editor wife and usually get the response of her not knowing

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what I am talking about. I explain that the great minds of our readers will totally get my

thoughts and that in no time I will be getting Oscars, a Grammy and maybe even a presidential freedom award if not, the less- than- presidential fitness award for my great work.

As I patiently wait for any one or none of those awards, I would like to talk about media

coverage of the outdoors and sports and a small little collision I recently experienced relating to

all three.

I was contacted by a young man named Jordan Phelps who identified himself as a representative of the West Fargo Packer School News.

He asked if he could talk to me and or members of our Clay Target Shooting team's we currently

field. I did not question him on anything and said we would be willing to visit with him.

Jordan was very professional in how he arranged the time to meet and what he wanted to talk

with us about.

My original thought was he would come out with a note pad and pen and ask a few

stereotypical questions and maybe even have a bit of a skewed media approach and plan to put

the information into a shocking story. Upon his arrival to our fields at The Shooting Park, he had

a camera, microphone, the note pad with pre-written questions and a great attitude.

I have not yet seen the final product of his work and the school's work, but the lead up to the

finished work was done very well. I thanked him and said nice job.

My school of thought regarding this is I wish the spirited work by this young media person

would not be tainted by large television networks and large media organizations and so many of

their agenda driven news.

I know I have ranted and raved about this before, but just like I feel I have to reiterate what this

column is about, I also have to keep pounding on those in the media who want to form opinions

versus report the news story.

This column is an opinion column and is not to report on a story.

Just today, I read a headline and story from one of the three major television networks regarding

trade tariffs and if some of them happen, what will happen.

In this story, they said that we the consumer will be paying more on clothes, food, cars and other things. The headline said "if" it happens and way down in the article, it also said that these tariffs were not yet placed but possibly could be. This is not a story. When this happens, it is a story but if, could be and possibly may, do not make the story factual. This is speculation and it is not fact.

This is why so many call fouls on the big media and fake news is a common term. This is also

why the non-tainted journalist like Jordan Phelps and the little old Packer News or West Fargo

Pioneer in my opinion have so much more credibility than the likes of the big three or New York big paper or the Cable blowhards.

Oh, don't worry, I know I may not receive the Peabody award or have any of those big players call me to come and write for their toilet bowl rated media companies. This column did have a bit about sports and outdoors by the way.

I just want to rant and rave and just hope my in-house editor will maybe just understand what I am saying.