Fall is here, time to enjoy warm days and cool nights, let’s hope for a long fall to make up for that short spring.

With the onset of October, Fire Prevention Week is upon us, and the Fire Prevention Bureau becomes a very busy place. Now is the time of year that prevention skills are being taught in the kindergarten and elementary classrooms. With the help of the West Fargo School District, we are able to reach out to children in the classrooms and educate them on fire safety.

This year, the West Fargo Fire Department will educate approximately 1,100 kindergarten children and 1,400 elementary children. Every year the National Fire Protection Association has a theme for fire prevention week and for 2019 it is “Plan and Practice Your Fire Escape”.

All fire prevention education that is presented to the children is meant to be shared with their families. Feedback from parents verify many stories about children coming home and sharing what they learned and reminding their parents about fire safety. The idea behind presenting this information to young children is not only to start the children thinking about fire safety and to be familiar with fire fighters, but also so they will take it home information and discuss it with their parents.

Since children at this age tend to be quite persistent with requests, eventually a parent will succumb to the constant requests and do what they kids ask. Any parent whose child wants a particular toy knows the type of incessant nagging a child can inflict on them. All kindergarten classes visit the fire station for a 45-minute tour which includes a talk, a movie, a tour and a visit from Sparky. Elementary classrooms (grades one through three) are visited by a firefighter in the classroom who will conduct a talk, show a movie and will display our fire gear.

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Fire prevention never stops at the children’s level. As we age, we tend to forget general fire safety education that we received when we were younger. Sometimes it’s not just the ability to remember things like the very necessary routine of changing your smoke detector battery, but with age it can be a physical challenge as well. The fire department provides programs and talks for the elderly throughout the year. We also provide services to go into the home and change smoke detector batteries, help with slips, trips and fall programs, along with safe cooking practices. Fire does not discriminate based on age, and everyone must do their part to keep loved ones and themselves safe. Did you know that the fire department will also come to your home and provide a free fire inspection? It is a useful service where we will offer suggestions as to what you may do to make your home more fire safe.

If you are reading this and would like more information in regards to fire safety, please contact us at the fire station 701-433-5380.

We would be happy to schedule a fire safety tour or come to your home for a free fire inspection.

As usual, have a fire safe October.