My youngest started baseball and had his first game last week.

He was so excited. In fact, he could barely fall asleep the night before. Many questions went through his mind including whether or not they would play the National Anthem prior to his game. Oh, sweet child.

During the game he couldn’t stop smiling. And after when I asked what his favorite part of the game was, he replied, “All of it, Mom. When can I play again?”

I said, “Thursday.”

He responded, “how about Wednesday.”

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His excitement made me a little jealous. I mean, part of me wanted to be back in my childhood just to feel that excited again.

Do we have to be a kid to get that excited about something?

My sister-in-law just returned from deployment in the Middle East. She wrote to me her feelings upon the arrival home after nine months.

“As soon as we landed in New Hampshire, you could tell we were in America,” She said. “The sky was so clear and blue. There was green grass and trees. Smell of magnolia flowers. It’s impossible to not walk around with a smile on your face.”

She was excited to be home.

Do we have to be live in a brown desert for nine months to feel excited about our home?

I could feel the level of excitement from both my son and sister-in-law, it was contagious. And because I’m cheesy like that, I started thinking about what makes me excited.

Even as boring, grown adults, there are things to be excited about in our days.

With summer almost here, I’m excited to have my toes in the sand, kind of like the song. Happy hours on a patio with friends. Campfires, whether at the lake or in my driveway in the middle of the city.

Watching my kids begin to follow their own paths and dreams, as I continue on my own journey. A new dress that makes me feel good. Having dinner with my husband without needing a babysitter.

We don’t have to be 4 years old to be excited, nor do we need big life events like coming home. Each and every day we can wake up and decide to be excited about something. Sure, some things are going to be bigger than others, you only get to have your first baseball game once. But life is short, so treat every day like you set foot in America for the first time in nine months and walk around like it’s impossible to not smile.