The last few weeks, have been occupied by attending many graduation parties and celebrations.

This comes with the territory when you have a student who is a graduating senior or may be younger or older and knows seniors who are graduating. The center piece of attention at these celebrations, besides the graduating student is of course, the food. Food and drink always seem to be the focal points of celebrations. Societies of all types focus on cultural foods, mainstay family dishes or just the popular fare at that time in history.

I am good for awhile on taco’s, sloppy joes and bad for my figure but good for my taste buds’ deserts for awhile.

So, while everyone who has helped celebrate the graduates, have gone back to their normal lives and regular diets, I could not help but think about something other than the food and drinks at those parties I attended. My focus was on the pictures and awards and displayed successes of those graduating students.

I really enjoyed seeing how proud parents were of their children. After all, I am pretty sure most of those young adults did not put in much of the effort on the awesome displays I observed. They did put in the work and time to earn those accolades. I was especially proud of those athletes or academic scholars or both, who I personally coached and got to see the awards they won. I felt proud for them in more than one way.

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The school of thought I took away from viewing those accolades and attending those parties was, what now? What does everyone do with the trophies, plaques, ribbons, certificates, letter of commendation, badges and on and on?

I am sure I have some old punt pass and kick trophies or basketball awards along with my letter and team pins for the letter tucked away somewhere but why?

I also know that I have much more memorabilia stored in some plastic storage bin somewhere. The 1987 Minnesota Twins Wheaties box is crushed and stored somewhere. My idol Joe Montana might even be shocked at how much stuff I have with his signature and memorabilia I got from him personally, but where is it stored?

Again, my school of thought is why? Why do we keep these things? How long do we keep them? Who else, other than us do these items have meaning. I have heard people tell me that this item or that item is worth this or worth that. I always respond with the value is only that to whom thinks it has the value.

A few weeks ago, the Antiques Road Show came to our town. I again thought about the memorabilia and awards etc., when people were saying how much certain items were worth. At the risk of repeating myself again and again, I preached once more that those prices sounded great, but were those appraised values or arbitrary numbers or was there someone on site ready to buy or pay those dollars to the owner on the spot. The memorabilia and awards are awesome and very special to many people. I hope when the day comes for me to part with my crushed box of Wheaties, because they no longer have value to me, someone will come along with more than a bowl, spoon and some milk to offer to me.

Congrats again to the West Fargo Schools seniors and best of luck to you in the future. I am sure your parents are very proud of you and your awards and were very happy to celebrate your accomplishments, but also remember they also have store them somewhere.