Sometimes it’s hard to describe to people how much I love North Dakota.

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and spent the first ten years of my life in Wasilla. When my family moved here the 4th grade version of me resented it. I loved the mountains and the trees. I wasn’t sure how to feel about flat, treeless prairie.

Also, fun fact, when we were moving here I thought North Dakotans were going to be saying “y’all” and stuff. I told my friends we were moving to “the south,” which from the perspective of an Alaskan was the truth. Instead I got a bunch of “you betcha’s.”

There was some culture shock.

Anyway, I’ve come to adore this state. The people. The history. Even the weather. So I don’t like it when people crack jokes at North Dakota’s expense, making it seem like this wonderful place is desolate and boring.

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On the other hand, I am ecstatic when people come here and find what I’ve found.

That it’s a pretty great place to live.

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