So, I guess the United States Women's soccer team won the world championship recently.

From a distance, I watched and hoped they would win because they represented the the greatest country in the world, or did they?

The coverage I saw pertaining to this team and results were sparse when it came to on the field information but off the field news was abundant.

Whether it was some type of protest towards the President of the United States or a protest of the National Anthem or the raising of awareness of equal pay for women vs. men, any news regarding on the field scores and results had to be sought out.

My school of thought migrated towards the equal pay discussion with the help of the non-stop coverage of the topic. The initial thought I shared with many was of course there should be equal pay if based on equal performance, equal revenue generation, equal merchandise sales and of course equal ratings.

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Never in my life, have I thought women should be paid less than men strictly because of gender. I have also never been upset if a woman has a higher income than me.

With all of that stated, merit, performance, and revenue generation all has to be considered when equal gender pay is discussed.

My next school of thought then turned to being careful for what you wish. If these women soccer players are generating revenues to sustain increased salaries then by all means, make it happen right now. What if the revenue does not sustain the increase in wages and those who are paying these athletes, then pull the plug on the sport because they cannot afford to pay. These outspoken women soccer players may then find themselves looking for other work and doing what so many of the rest of us do and just plug away day to day.

Lest we forget the last male sport of football and the new formed league which lasted all of a month or so which also had some top names wanting big dollars to play. The revenue generation was not there and away went that league. I did not hear much from those athletes any more. Just because someone believes they are worth something, those that pay the bills might not agree and then the cruel world say's welcome to life.

Perhaps I have less sympathy for these women soccer players than I would for any other females who are not equally paid, but after watching their off-field antics and over aggressive celebrations, I could care less about their agenda or causes.

I am not a big soccer fan to begin with, but I know many local area high school soccer players and have enjoyed rooting for them and following their successes and overall very happy for them. If any of these athletes acted or were to act like these national team members you can bet the difference in pay I would have out loud thoughts about these athletes as well.

Most people who enjoy sports will support athletes who are male or female but I know many who would turn on those athletes in a heartbeat if those athletes give them a reason to, much like our world champion women's soccer team has done.