A woman named Britney Berger has taken to social media to accuse U.S. Attorney Drew Wrigley (who she says is Lt. Governor, though he hasn’t held that position in years) of causing a traffic accident and fleeing the scene.

Here’s her post, complete with pictures:

I reached out to the Fargo Police Department. Spokeswoman Jessica Schindeldecker told me that Berger did contact them after the crash with Wrigley. “She did speak to an officer,” Schindeldecker said. “At that time she didn’t want to file a police report.”

It wasn’t until after Berger wrote her Facebook post, which began attracting public attention, that the Fargo Police reached out to her again to make sure there wasn’t anything more she wanted. Schindeldecker said Berger told an investigator that she may be filing a crash report on the incident some time today.

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That’s an odd timeline which doesn’t reflect well on Berger. It suggests she perhaps didn’t become as upset about the incident as her social media post indicates until she realized she was dealing with a high-profile political figure.

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