In September 2018, our community approved a $106.9 million bond referendum for new schools and other building projects for the students of West Fargo Public Schools. Even though projects funded through the 2015 referendum were still being wrapped up, district administrators began planning immediately after the vote so critical construction projects could begin right away this summer. In total, our district has 11 projects happening this summer.

From 2015 referendum funds, our community will be benefiting from the following projects, which will be completed this fall:

  • Deer Creek Elementary School

  • The Lodoen Community Center, which houses Community High, will receive a secured entrance, new office space, and a parking lot.

  • The tennis courts are being resurfaced and the gym floor is being redone at Sheyenne High School.

  • Five tennis courts will be ready for play when the boys’ tennis season begins on Aug. 12; the remaining three courts are to be completed later in the month. The grass areas around the courts will be seeded in late August or early September to provide the best opportunity for germination. The gym floor has an estimated completion date of Aug. 19.

Projects from the 2018 referendum currently underway include:

  • Harwood Elementary School: This project will provide for a secure entrance, elementary regulation-sized gym, and additional classroom spaces. Critical portions of this project will be complete for the start of school, while construction of the auxiliary spaces will continue through the fall.

  • South Elementary: The relocated office area, which provides a secured entrance, will be completed for the start of the year. In addition, South is also gaining much needed cabinet storage in the classrooms.

  • Security upgrades: Every elementary school in the district, as well as our non-instructional facilities, are receiving an upgraded camera system. In total, 432 security cameras will be installed through this effort.

  • Elementary school classroom additions: Due to continued growth, many of our elementary schools’ specialty spaces had to be reassigned as general education classrooms, leaving music, art, gifted and talented, and health classes without dedicated learning spaces. Additional space is being added for these classes at Aurora, Freedom, and Independence.

  • Synthetic turf: The voters also approved turf fields for all three high schools. The turf will allow us to hold physical education classes outdoors, as well as serve as the home for each school’s soccer and football teams. The turf at West Fargo High School is completed and already in use. The turf at Sheyenne High School is targeted for completion on Aug. 9.

  • Heritage Middle School: The district’s third middle school is currently under construction south of 76th Avenue South and east of Sheyenne Street, on a campus that will be shared with Horace High School (similar to Liberty and Sheyenne). Students from Deer Creek, Horace, and Legacy Elementary Schools will attend this new middle and high school campus. Heritage is about 10 percent complete.

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Also included in the 2018 bond are projects that are scheduled to kick-off sometime over the course of the next three years:

Secured entrances will be added at the Early Childhood Center, Berger Elementary, and Eastwood Elementary in Summer 2020. The classroom addition at Horace Elementary School will begin in 2021 or 2022 and will include ten classrooms on the north side of the building to allow for it to become a four-section per grade level (24 classroom) school, including necessary specialty spaces. The district is currently in the design phase for Horace High School, with plans to bid the project in February 2020. Turf for Horace High School will be put in as part of the site work on that campus.

Our community is growing rapidly. We project enrollment to increase by 450-550 new students this fall. The completion of these projects will allow us to continue serving the families of our students at the standard of excellence they’ve grown to expect from the district of choice.