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Commentary: Democratic gadfly with history of wild accusations files bogus ethics complaint against Congressman Kevin Cramer

A consistent tactic North Dakota Democrats and their various allies like to use in election years is to charge their opponents with ethics violations, even going so far as to file lawsuits and complaints which are usually dismissed after election day.

Because the point of these charges isn’t so much to uncover ethical lapses as to generate negative headlines for political enemies.

The latest iteration of this absurd abuse of ethics procedures is Democratic Attorney General Candidate David Thompson suggesting that Congressman Kevin Cramer improperly reimbursed himself and family members from his campaign. Thompson has the backing of the North Dakota Democratic Party for these accusations.

Thompson, I should add, also accused Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem (his opponent this election cycle) and former Governor Jack Dalrymple of bribery earlier this year.

Back in 2013 when Dalrymple was in office Thompson’s arguments were a part of a failed effort to indict him for bribery charges.

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