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Commentary: The reported local cost of President Donald Trump’s visit to Fargo was inflated, actually 'closer to $10,000'

President Donald Trump enters Scheels Arena June 27 in Fargo. David Samson / The Forum

Last week it was reported that the local cost of President Trump visiting Fargo to rally for U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Cramer was about $104,000.

“I suspect that figure is a little bloated,” I wrote at the time, noting “the total includes the salaries of the law enforcement officers who worked security. I’m pretty sure that’s a sunk cost. Which is to say, it’s something taxpayers would be footing the bill for whatever those officers were doing, be it working security at a rally or making routine patrols.”

Turns out I was right. Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney, who requested that the costs of the visit be tabulated (though, to be fair, he hasn’t objected to those costs at all), acknowledged that the real additional costs of having the President visit his city were much smaller.

“After Monday’s city commission meeting, Mayor Tim Mahoney said it actually cost closer to $10,000 more than the daily cost of law enforcement,” WDAY reported.

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