A couple of days ago my colleague Robin Huebner reported a story about a 12-year-old Fargo girl Sylvia Peach Leiviska who shot a 600-pound wildebeest during a trip to South Africa.

The hunt took place on a game preserve. None of the animals there are endangered. In fact, most of them are bred specifically to be hunted.

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It was a fun story. That’s a massive animal, and seeing a young girl be successful on an exotic hunting trip with her grandpa was heartwarming.

But now the animal rights cranks are offended that this story was even reported.

This animal was not endangered. There’s no indication that cruelty was visited on the animal, outside of it being hunted. Per the article, the meat from the harvested animal didn’t go to waste either.

“Game hunting story was a new low for The Forum,” reads a headline over a letter to the Fargo Forum from George Johnson. “To me it is one more sick attempt to glorify man’s (or child’s) “triumph” over defenseless animals that have caused them no harm,” he wrote.

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