I have never been the detailed historical buff as much as I have wanted to be.

Some historical perspectives do shape my thinking at times and what I am writing about this

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time will hint at that.

This school of thought might be a bit hard to follow, but stick with me, I think it will tie

together and make sense for you, those who care about our hunting and fishing and

outdoors in general.

I would like to stress the three-legged stool and how these three can become

intertwined in a good way rather than intertwined like some of the spools on my fishing

poles (tangled mess).

• Politics/government

• Tourism

• Natural Resources

I have been a resident of North Dakota for 55 years with just a short combined departure to

Minnesota and South Dakota for less than a year combined. A job transfer and military deployment led me out of North Dakota for that one year.

Throw out this winter and the 1997-98 winter and I would never want to live anywhere

other than North Dakota. Why you ask? Natural Resources I reply.

I ask you, "What would Teddy think?"

Teddy Roosevelt was our president and one of the best ideas he came up with is that of the wildlife refuges. They were and are to protect our wildlife resources if not at least give them respite. The historical perspective of that enactment seems so simple today. The complication of politics and politicians of today seem very far away from those simpler times of Roosevelt. Today it seems more likely the politicians are about continuing their fight and championing their efforts to be re-elected rather than represent their constituents and look out for the resources. They appear to be willing to sell out our resources at the interest of the tourism department

and hospitality groups rather than heed advice from the experts in the management of

our resources.

The politicians (not all of course) seem to want to be elected and then complain about

how tough the job is and then vote themselves more raises and benefits. Note to those

politicians- Don't run for office if it is too tough and you feel you are not getting paid


I asked my representatives to introduce a bill that fell in the category of Natural

Resources and was told the support would not be there from their colleagues. What

about the support I had from fellow interested constituents who also did not even get

the chance to voice their opinion as the bill was not even introduced.

Our Game and Fish department does an excellent job, but like all of us, can always

improve on things. I was told by a legislative representative that game and fish would

not support the bill I asked about. I have been told this before by legislative people.

Again, I think I would rather hear direct from Game and Fish (and I have ) ,on

management decisions instead of lawmakers who think they are wildlife experts. I

would rather hear from individuals who fund the game and fish department and fill the

revenue tanks at Game and Fish as well as the general fund with tax dollars vs. sellout

legislators. The sportspeople in the state, aside from some punks and poachers and

overall law breakers, are the shepherds of our natural resources. We need to engage in

our political process that convenes every other January or as I call the silly season. We

need to follow those bills that do get introduced. We can stand by and just let various

outside interests dictate what happens to our resources or we can be like Teddy and

help those who help manage the resources. After all, what would Teddy think?