I am championing the cause to make each column the best or better than the last. I want to make reading columns great again. If I must, I will suggest giving out free reading glasses, and free education to help anyone who is not reading columns to start reading columns.

My school of thought, therefore, has me going full circle back to the title of this greatest ever column. Politics and sports have become inter-twined. There are lots of politics in sports from youth levels all the way to the professional ranks. Sports has obviously crossed over into politics as well. Both politics and sports have taunting, smack talking and arrogant players within, but maybe less talk and more action and common ground agreement could help our country a bit.

Some sportsmanship sprinkled with a lot less blame might go a long way too. Competition is great and brings out a lot of good characteristics in people. We learn from winning and losing but nobody is winning when opponents compete without production.

So, if anyone out there thinks they will have a better column than this, I challenge them to a debate on all the major sports networks, news channels and all the talk radio stations across the country, who think they are swaying opinions of smart people.

Once I have been proclaimed as having written the greatest column ever, I will grab the front of my shirt and pull it outward towards you readers and yell out victoriously. I may even taunt or talk trash to other columnists, I come across. Don’t cross my path losers. Even though writing columns or doing my work is what I get paid to do, I feel as if I should continue to ask for more money from donors because I will soon receive challenges from everywhere, challenges trying to take me down as the best-column-ever, writer. When I do my job, it is not enough to take my paycheck for doing that work, I feel I need to spike my keyboard on the ground or point my index finger to the sky and maybe even look into the television camera and say, “I deserve this.”

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Don’t get me wrong, celebrating victory is fine and some celebrations are good clean fun but some excess taunting and smack talking along with arrogance can be very annoying.